Current Membership


Transplantation by its nature is a wide-ranging discipline which includes many different fields. Below is a listing of members of the FoMD that are part of the Alberta Transplant Institute.


Colin Anderson

Vince Bain

Mike Bentley

David Bigam

Peter Brindley

Chris Broscheit

Holger Buchholz

Jeffrey Burton

Patricia Campbell

Carlos Cervera

Michael Chan

Thomas Churchill

Sandra Cockfield

Sunil Desai

Karen Doucette

John Dyck

Susan Gilmour

Sita Gourishankar

Manjula Gowrishankar

Klaus Gutfreund

Mark Haykowsky

Alim Hirji

Jennifer Holman 

Darren Hudson

Kailash Jindal

Dima Kabbani

Ali Kapasi

Dean Karvellas

Rachel Khadaroo

Daniel Kim

Tatsuya Kin

Scott Klarenbach

Norman Kneteman

Gregory Korbutt

Jim Kutsogiannis

Lucille Lalonde

Ngam Lam

Loree Larratt

Dale Lien

Mang Ma

Sherif Mahmoud

Andrew Mason

Michael  Meier

Michael  Mengel

Steven  Meyer

Dennis  Modry

Aldo Montano-Loza

Ronald Moore

Thomas Mueller

John Mullen

Allan Murray

Jayan Nagendran

David Nicholas

Gavin Oudit

Deanna  Paulson

Glen Pearson

Anthea Peters

Maury Pinsk

Jutta Preiksaitis

Ray Rajotte

Gina Rayal

Ivan Rebeyka

Stuart Reynolds

Brad Richer

David Ross

Lisa Ross-Rodriguez

Trevor Schuler

Peter Senior

James Shapiro

Shorush Sorjai

Gurmeet Singh

Banu Sis

Alan Sobey

Kim Solez


Kenneth Stewart

Muba Taher

Puneeta Tandon

Gerry Todd

Derek Townsend

Robert Turner

Justine Turner

Wayne Tymchak

Simon Urschel

Wendy Vaudry

Justin Weinkauf

Lori West

Kevin Wen

Eytan Wine

Winnie Wong

Jackson Wong

Jason Yap